Nose Wire Add-On

This add on is for an aluminum nose piece added to the mask on the inside, top seam. It will not be removable. You will need to exercise caution when washing, and I would recommend hand washing as to not overly stress the nose piece. More ideal for eyeglass wearers however, I have noticed that eyeglass wearers will sometimes experience fog, even with a nose wire. Also, I cannot guarantee the longevity of the face mask with the nose wire in it. All in all - it's a great option but unless you really need it, I would opt to forgo this option. 


Please note which face mask pattern you would like this added to. You can do so in comments. I will not automatically add nose pieces unless noted. Also, you will require multiple if you would like them added to multiple face masks. 


    Masks are a finished size of 5.5" x 8.5" for the cotton portion. This fits most adults. Kids masks are 5" x 7" for the cotton portion.

    • Petite has 5" of elastic (typically 5'2" or shorter or a narrower face)
    • Small has 6" of elastic
    • Medium has 7.5" of elastic
    • Large has 8.5" of elastic (typically men 6'3" or taller)
    • Kids sizing has two loose pieces of narrow elastic to be tied to size.

    Masks are a final sale for hygienic purposes. Please ensure that you are ordering the correct size. 

  • Current Processing Time

    Please allow 4-6 business days for your order to be processed. This does not include shipping time. 

    *update July 30/2020*


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