Juniper Cheese Board

Juniper Cheese Board

This handcrafted wooden board was created and crafted by Canadian woodworker, Laura Brouilette. These boards have exquisite craftsmanship. Use it everyday or as a centerpiece to your kitchen. This makes the perfect charcuterie board.


Laura's wood boards connect us with nature. Reminding us that we are all one, and her unique approach allows us to bring the outdoors in. It encourages us to remember the unique beauty that is all around and invites us to include it within our everyday activities. Her craftsmanship offers a 'je ne sais quoi' to each experience that you have with your crafted wood board. 

  • Dimensions

    approximately 4" x 14"

    You can expect some variation in your cutting board as wood is a natural element. Please be sure to grab your measuring tape and mock up the dimensions so that you are well aware of the dimensions of the items that you'll be receiving.


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