Is my new face mask washable?

ABSOLUTELY! One of the most important features of our masks is that they are washable and well-made so that you're not creating waste. We do recommend a wash bag for the washing machine but it's not necessary. A delicate cycle or hand wash and laying your mask flat to dry (even with a filter layer) is all it needs. This will ensure the longevity of it.

Is shipping free?

Masks are sent using Regular Post in standard sized envelopes. This is important to know because they do not come with a tracking number. There is an option to upgrade your shipping. That will ensure you receive a tracking number for your order and possibly faster delivery. Canada Post is still affected by Covid-19 and at times, there are significant delays. Please keep this in mind when ordering. Local pickup is always available!

My face mask is only 2 layers. It is safe?

Your two layer mask is made of high quality quilting cotton which has been the top recommendation from day one. Something more important than the layer count, is the fit. Your mask should cover your chin and nose, and not gape at the sides.

Is my face mask reversible?

Yes! This is one of our favourite features. You purchase one mask that comes with two wearing options. We highly recommend washing your mask before wearing the reversible side when the mask has already been used.