made in edmonton, alberta, canada

I'm Megan, the creator and owner of Brick House Goods which started with my love of retail and design. I love the challenge of beginning with a concept and executing it into a reality. I have a very particular eye for attention to detail and it shows in each item that I create and curate for the shoppe. This isn't the first time I've been around the retail block - I used to own a great little home decor and gift shop called Upperlane Living. It's wild to see how the landscape of small business has changed in the past 10 years. I feel really blessed that creating face masks has thrown me back into it and I'm really excited to be here!

These items are born out of my love to explore creative, beautiful and functional goods. I've been realizing slowly that I'm changing my habits from fast home decor fashion and starting to purchase items for my home more intentionally. I think this is a trend that is spreading and I'm definitely here for it. I hope it shows in the items that I've chosen to offer here. I love a good story behind the product and feel a particular connection to each product line that I feature here.

As for masks - I'm proud to say that I have a couple of amazing mamas that help me in the sewing department. They are uber talented, and I'm honoured that they choose to give some of their spare time to Brick House Goods amongst raising kids and juggling the busy-ness of life!

Created in the heart of Edmonton, AB, Canada.


we're on a mission

We're on a mission to reduce our impact on the environment one household at a time. We're trying to  move from fast fashion in home decor to lasting, quality goods. And our products are sourced to support the local economy or small business.