intention based,

quality focused,

handmade goods.

If each item that you bring into your home is well-thought out, intentionally chosen and speaks to your heart - you will effortlessly create an environment that is you, that holds you and that inspires you.

the safest way to wear as mask is to wear one that doesn't constantly need adjusting. 


A great mask should stay in place, where you need it to be.

Throw out that disposable mask for the last time.

Shop reusable, washable, sustainanble masks. Keep yourself and others safe while wearing a great, handmade and very well fitting 100% cotton face mask.

We're On A Mission

We're on a mission to reduce our impact on the environment one household at a time. Our products are made to last and sourced to support the local economy. Not to mention, they're hand made by a small team of local women.

White Grass

Cotton Face Masks

Wooden Hut



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